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Big Deals
led global SWAT team to enter big deals
Letter of Reference
From HP, Palo Alto, USA
Public No
Project War Room: preparation & transition of major deals (Itanium Super Computing) incl. rescue operations
Role Program manager

We're acting like a S.W.A.T. team within the worldwide HP organization to safeguard major deals worth up to 40+ mi USD.
Jens was a huge enrichment to our team.
He led several projects with great passion.

One of his first tasks was to rescue a major project in Italy where he acted together with local HP Management and the local Project Manager to bring the project "on course" again.

Other involvements were e.g. the biggest public service in UK (Department for work and pension), where he reached clarified within shortest time which was not possible for years for local project managers or NSN and Orange.

Overall he did a great job. Great ability to deal with rescue operations, local Management and CEO's, great passion, good management of Indian or Rumanian teams, good reporting abilities and successful! Thanks.

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100 FTE ++
biggest and first in time project at VF-EP
Letter of Reference
From Vodafone, Dusseldorf, Germany
Public YES, at
Project Turnaround, challenging merging of business units incl. IT project
Role Project manager

As a short preface I want to mention the importance of "in time completion" of this highly business-critical Vodafone Enterprise project (one of the biggest and first in time projects at VF-EP).

As a PM Jens steered the "Converged Customer" project (overall around 100 FTE's) even in critical situations in a well-organized way.
He possesses the ultimate "can do" attitude while taking on all tasks with positive energy.
The flexibility, leadership quality and ability to convince people are worth particularly to mention. He did an excellent job.

It would be great to work with Jens again, I wish him all the best for the future.

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Work Ethic
great work ethic, very profess. & pragmatic
Letter of Reference
From SAP, Vancouver, Canada
Public No
Project Service- & Project management to support multi national business departments
Role Service manager, Project manager

I want to send you my appreciation to you for showing great collaboration, team work, and proactive communication through these few months we got to work together.
You have great work ethic, are very professional, pragmatic and able to see the big picture and drive towards common goals.

I speak for my team as well when I say that it has been a pleasure to work with you!

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Core IT-Strategy in Iran
Letter of Reference
From Galileo Group, Tehran, Iran
Public YES, at
Project IT-strategy (SSC) definition for a privatized Telco planning to merge fixed and mobile
Role Management consultant

Jens was part of a challenging Telco strategy project in Asia where he took over responsibility for the Core IT Strategy of the Iranian fixed line and mobile incumbents (46 mio subscriber), called TCI and MCI.

The aim was to create a comprehensive path for both totally separated IT units to be converged and to put them later in a position to offer real FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence).
Strong Business IT Alignment modeling, Innovation Guidance or Governance introduction were additional aspects of his tasks.

Even in contradiction to the already approved Business strategy of both Business units he developed a new convergent, short and long-term IT Strategy with deep implications on the Business.

While having good relations with C- and Top Level Management he was able to inspire and protect his ideas. He acted with high professionalism. From my point of view -as a principal contractor- Jens was an excellent choice for this project.

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structured, both from tech & economics
Letter of Reference
From HP/EDS, Milano Italy
Public YES, at
Project Rescue operation, big Oracle Portal migration project (Outsourcing)
Role Management consultant, Project manager

I've been impressed by Jens capabilities .
- keeping calm under stress in challenging international project
- communicating effectively to top management
- skills in designing organizing controlling a big project in a structured way , both from technical and economics point of view
- ability in summarizing and present
- reliability and solid cooperation .
No doubts to recommend him .

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Board Member
Turnaround, Leadership style on Board level...
Letter of Reference
From SSI Schäfer / Austria - Graz
Public YES, at
Project Turnaround Management as Board Member
Role Crisis-Manager, Board-Member

The first time I met Jens, he was already active as Crisis Manager in the organization I had to lead. He was very helpful to me to be able to start efficiently as new CEO.

Without doubts, Jens is an expert in his field.

During a difficult time of change, he was commissioned by the former CEO to support the board (as a temporary board member) on stabilizing the organization and processes.

After a short evaluation period, he already started with short-term measures to improve the project business as this showed to be the "hottest" topic. Next to that, he pursued cross-department initiatives on EVP and VP levels across organizational units to overcome silo thinking. Exemplary, he was involved in the product department to improve the revenue situation, was part of major escalation management, or strengthened quality and process compliance.

His open-minded leadership, combined with effective but intermediary communication was key to his success. When Jens left, these key programs were mature enough to be handed over to "regular" business.

Personally, I very much appreciated his eagerness to contribute and step in where his skills were needed, even in short term changes of priorities driven by new management.


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capable of leading tough discussions
Letter of Reference
From Tata Consulting Services, Bengalore, India
Public Yes, at
Project Team lead, service management, sourcing, new operation model, improvement projects
Role Service manager, Project manager

Jens used to be the interface on SAP Global IT's side to our project at Tata Consultancy Services. He started as our relationship and communication up to then was a bit bumpy. Preparing for a new operating model and lots of difficult challenges were necessary to be met.

Jens proved capable of leading tough discussions in a professional manner, always keeping an eye on win-win situations and ensured a smooth and steady progress. So, in the end, we were able to agree upon strong resource issues as well as financial and technical ones.

I came to respect him as a deeply goal focused manager and I completely enjoyed working with him. I am sure he will be highly successful in his future assignments and endeavors.

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align major Telco's like AT&T, NTT, KT, etc...
Letter of Reference
From Deutsche Telekom (Mobile Services), Bonn, Germany
Public No
Project Strategic tasks and PM within a worldwide community driven by Telco's
Role Product manager

In our Product Management team Jens acted as Product Manager (mobile services).

In this role he was responsible to shape the relations between the WAC Company, the Community and it's world wide Telco members, like AT&T, Orange, NTT or KT. This initiative aims to monetize enablers on a cross-device platform (standardized API's to get access to the Telco back ends, e.g. InApp Billing, Identity, etc.).

Together with colleagues from AT&T he started and led a new working group to develop enabler strategies (participants: roughly 15 Telco's worldwide). He also managed team meetings and aligned members across different Telekom departments like Legal, Development, Security, Marketing, etc.

Jens was professional and energetic, would clearly request him for future Product Management assignments again.

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balancing Chinese and European interests
Letter of Reference
From Aichelin, Beijing, PR of China
Public Yes
Project Chinese cross department, multi location ERP implementation
Role Rescue operation, Program manager

Dear Jens,
I would like to thank you very much for supporting Aichelin China in the rather difficult task of turning the ongoing multi-site ERP implementation project into a success story.

Although you had to cope with the challenge of matching the expectations of our European holding to the given circumstances here in China, I must admit that your flexible project methodology, fair-minded openness as well as your ability of establishing excellent working conditions with our Chinese staff was the right approach.

Many thanks for balancing various interests and directing the project with great personal and intercultural skills. It was a pleasure working with you. Wishing you all the very best for your future projects.

Mr. Du Shengyong, CEO Aichelin China

Letter of Reference
From Vodafone, Frankfurt, Germany
Public No
Project Contract preperation, negotiations, outsourcing of a complete department
Role Management consultant

Jens was helping out in the process of defining a quite big Vodafone outsourcing contract (HP/IBM).

He was able to integrate fast to prepare and guide us trough the different alignment meetings.
His personal style can be desdribed as professional (related to contract, law and SLA) and a good negotiator.

Would definitively recommend him.