Big Deals

Letter of Reference
From HP, Palo Alto, USA
Public No
Project War Room: preparation & transition of major deals (Itanium Super Computing) incl. rescue operations
Role Program manager

We're acting like a S.W.A.T. team within the worldwide HP organization to safeguard major deals worth up to 40+ mi USD.
Jens was a huge enrichment to our team.
He led several projects with great passion.

One of his first tasks was to rescue a major project in Italy where he acted together with local HP Management and the local Project Manager to bring the project "on course" again.

Other involvements were e.g. the biggest public service in UK (Department for work and pension), where he reached clarified within shortest time which was not possible for years for local project managers or NSN and Orange.

Overall he did a great job. Great ability to deal with rescue operations, local Management and CEO's, great passion, good management of Indian or Rumanian teams, good reporting abilities and successful! Thanks.