Typical Project Example
Industry Telco
Location Bonn, Germany (Deutsche Telekom / Mobile Services)
Project Strategic tasks and PM within a worldwide community driven by Telcos
Role Product manager

DTAG was founding member of a worldwide Telco driven initiative which wants to bring them back into the game of mobile Apps.
Wholesale Applications Community aimed to have a single platform on all devices (handset, tablet, TV) and monetize so called network enablers (standardized API's to get access to the Telco backends, e.g. for InApp Billing, Identity, etc.).

The task was to broadly support those activities within DT (cross department activities) and across the member Telco 's (like AT&T, Orange, NTT, KT, etc.) in all relevant areas like technology, legal, business, marketing, press, …).

In addition it was part of the project to build up a new working group and define (mainly together with AT&T representatives) the direction.

Key charackteristics of this project:

  • Product management (WAC developer platform)
  • Strategies around enabler (e.g. InApp billing, Multi device capabilities, ...) in accordance with DT overall strategy
  • Strategies to start engagements with Owner of eco systems llike Android / IOS etc.
  • Building working relations with technical and commercial staff from Telco's worldwide
  • Strong relation with AT&T as we fostered one working group within the member initiative
  • Project management, team lead