IT Strategy

Typical Project Example
Industry Telco
Location Tehran, Iran (TCI Holding, TCI, MCI)
Project IT Strategy for the biggest Telco in Asia
Role Management consultant

Driven by the investor the responsibility was to form in a small team (personally leading the core IT-strategy, Business/IT-Alignment and Governance) the future of the IT of a formerly governmental Telco with around 36,000 employees consisting of a profitable mobile and a non profitable fixed Telco and some additional subsidiaries.

The challenge was to create an understanding about the role of a centralized IT (Shared Service Center) as there are 30 fixed-line "kingdoms" united to one fixed incumbent during the project.

Esp. to define the bussines setup, governance, sourcing strategies (HR related, Mergers), possible processes-improvements and financial / business planning for establishing the Shared Service Center made this project interesting.

Overall this was a challenging strategy project with a lot of political aspects, aiming to create a leading converged telco (headword: FMC, OTT-Strategies, eTOM, SID, Common Data Architecture BSS and OSS, ITIL/Cobit-Processes, Financial Mgmt, etc.) whose maturity was - similar to other incumbents worldwide – in the beginning very low.

Key charackteristics of this project:

  • Real Strategy project (which is not possible in Europe or US anymore)
  • Building up good relations to top CxO's (on investor level and on both -fixed + mobile- company levels)
  • Highly political, as a big unification was ongoing at TCI-Holding and profitable MCI was fighting against overall governance
  • Political aspects like sanctions
  • Cultural differences