Portfolio Management
Consistent processes help increase IT effectiveness while driving clearer views of portfolio metrics.

An organization can only be successful in managing its business if it has control of its key IT processes.
Project Portfolio Management provides IT leadership with better insight into all the factors – organizational, financial and resource-related and customer satisfaction levels – that affect the performance and value of the portfolio.

Key words
  • Prioritzation of projects
  • Assure contingency
  • Flexiblity in Dsecisions
  • Inform responsible dep heads
  • Quality management
  • Unified PM and PMO methods
  • Strategic Business alignment (in regards to planning)
  • Strategic ressource planning
Typical methods
  • Monetary evaluation (e.g. NPV)
  • Strategic scoring
  • Multidimensional evaluation
  • Non-linear constraint optimization
  • Knowledge management
  • Ressource management
  • Risk management
  • Financial and other KPI's