Typical Project Example
Industry IT (Oil/Gas)
Location Milano, Italy (Rete Gas / Eni)
Project Rescue Operation / Turnaround, big Oracle Portal migration
Role Management consultant

In a challenging situation the aim of this big scale migration project in Milano was to bring the project back on track.

Starting with an As-Is Analysis it was obvious, that the Sales process and the Requirements definition was not well carried out.
Also some Project management errors needed to be fixed. The East-European Outsourcing Delivery unit made promisses which could not hold stand. Mixed with lack of skills and missing clarity in front of the customer (after claims for indemnification were made) the situation worsened.

By communicating to the local and country management, the US HP officials and local as well as the Outsourcing team a clear path for recovery was developed, negotiated and step by step carried out.

The Turnaround took some month, but the high risk of compensation for damages and loss of reputation was eliminated, the trust of the customer restored.

Key charackteristics of this project:

  • Super Computing / big scale migration
  • Difficult technical challenges and time tables
  • Highly political, influences from all sides within HP US + Italy
  • Right after merger of HP and EDS with deep implications
  • Negotiations with top tier management internally, externally
  • Clear communication strategy
  • Negotiations to recover trust (customer and internal units)
  • Recovery plan and variants
  • Strong reporting